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  Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Once again Jeni's will return to share their ice cream goodies at our preview party. If you miss them there, you can find them the next day as a vendor.
  Columbus Underground
Always the source of information, Columbus Underground has offered to promote the last few events at Junctionview Studios. We thank them for their years of support.
  Compton Construction
For the past few years, Compton Construction has been involved in projects that serve the growing Columbus business community. We are proud to have them as a sponsor of the growing business of the arts.
  Morse Road Family Dental
Dr. Roy Gottlieb has continued to support the arts and artists for the last 30 years. We welcome his sponsorship once again at the last Agora event.
  Blick Art Materials
A long time supporter of Agora, Blick will once again help us supply awards for deserving artists. Fine art supplies from Blick Art Materials will go a long way to making even more work.
  Pattycake Bakery
What would an event at Junctionview Studios be without the delicious treats that Pattycake has generously supplied year after year. Come to the preview party to find some of their goodies!
  Portfolio Creative
Every year, the nice folks at Portfolio Creative have been a support for making this happen, much like they are a support for creative individuals looking to put their skills to work.
  Bella Beads
One of our own tenants, Kristin Early has continued to support the cause every year. We are proud to have her on our team. Come stop by studio 106 when you attend Agora.
The past two years have been full of sandwiches. The finest sandwiches in central Ohio come from Circleville and Richie's New York Corner Deli. Come to the preview party to take in the deliciousness.

Everyone knows the best way to find the best things is to look up reviews on Yelp. Columbus's affiliate Yelp has sponsored Agora once again. Make sure you watch for the deals....


Stinkybomb Soaps
Come to the preview.... get an explosion. See how this works?

Thanks to On Paper, we have nicely printed invites to the preview party for some special guests. Visit their store to find nice paper for your occasions....
A sponsor from years back, Due Amici has offered up some fine appetizers for the preview party. Hopefully you will stop downtown and eat at one of the city's best restaurants.


Stalwart. Devon Palmer is the best kind of person. A longtime Junctionview tenant, he has been not only a financial support to these events, but willing to be the hands on, mopping the floor kind of support. We thank him again.


Eco Flora
The cutest floral shop in Columbus had offered up some table settings for the preview party. Make sure you stop by and visit Eva sometime and make a terrarium.

To make stage transitions easier and keep the bands on schedule, Columbus Percussion has offered up a drum set for the day to backline the stage. Visit their store for all your drumming wishes to come true.


Zen Genius
Since the start of Agora, Zen has assisted by providing decor for the event. For the past few years, we have enjoyed them joining us as tenants. We appreciate their support once again.

    Judge Brian J Corrigan
Common Pleas Court Judge, electrical engineer, mechanic & wine-maker extraordinaire Brian J Corrigan is proud to supply vino for the Agora Preview Event.