At the end of April 2013, Junctionview Studios will be closing its doors to make way for development in the area. We invite you to participate in our last big party, Agora X. We hope to meet the end with a bang and hope that you will join us....

Preview Event
Friday, April 12, 2013

889 Willliams Ave
Grandview Heights OH, 43212

This year’s Preview party will be held on April 12th, from 6pm-10pm at Junctionview Studios
Attend for an early chance to see the artwork and visit the studios. Food and drinks will be available for guests that attend.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased here:

Host Committee
Mike Brown - Experience Columbus
Erin Corrigan - Capitol Square Rotary
Joel Diaz - AIDS Resource Center
Tim Fulton - Wexner Center for the Arts
Jami Goldstein - Greater Columbus Arts Council
Esther Hall - Ohio Art League
Alexis Perrone - Independents' Day
Jeff Smith - Wonderland Columbus
Wolf Starr - Small Business Beanstalk
Jim Sweeney - Franklinton Arts District


  Chris Duggan
"Artists such as Chris, continue to put effort into making it happen. Constantly involving themselves in music-making in whatever way possible. Even if it means doing a little bit of everything, most artists understand that that is truly what it takes."
-TOMI Magazine

  Matt Montaw
Monta is a staple of the Columbus Roots-Rock scene, pulling duty in three ensembles of note (The Smoking Guns, The Hot Coal Band and Righteous Buck & the Skull Scorchers) plus running the esteemed twice-monthly Honky Tonk Happy Hour at The Shrunken Head for three years strong. He’s so dedicated to music that he recently quit his day job to focus on twang full-time.

Despite Monta’s many associates, his new album is a stripped-down affair, mostly the man and his guitar plus a few harmonica flourishes.


DJ Orson bEaTz
DJ bEaTz hosts the Saturday radio show, Terryland: A Nation of Chill & Alternative Music on 91.1FM WDUB, Denison University’s college radio station transmitting out of Granville, Ohio. His weekly show garners loyal listeners in Cbus, as well as a faraway as San Francisco, Paris and Berlin.  He is 11 years old  and in the fifth grade. Along with playing piano and drums, bEaTz dreams of being a successful DJ/musician/producer when he grows up. Following a successful live DJ gig at the opening of Clintonville’s Spiritus Tattoo, bEaTz  will be spinning an out of this world mix of 80s techno, chill and alternative vibes especially created for Agora and the end of Junctionview called, “SPACED OUT.”

Main Event
Saturday, April 13, 2013
noon - midnight

$5 entry fee

At the end of April 2013, Junctionview Studios will be closing its doors to make way for development in the area. We invite you to participate in our last big party, Agora X. We hope to meet the end with a bang and hope that you will join us....

Visting Artists
Agora guests have the opportunity to view and purchase works of art from a unique group of 150 visiting artists and 44 open studios. Visiting artists’ works selected from online submissions will adorn the halls of the 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The resident artists of the space open their workspaces to people wanting to experience their individual unique working environments. 

Most work is available for sale. Over $1000 in awards are given out to artists. Awards are determined by judges and audience ballot.

This year's artists include:

Peggy Mintun
Tom Kelly
W.E. Arnold
Meena Meena Maynard
Amy Leibrand
Katie Kikta
Meagan AlwoodKarcic
Becca Anderson
Michael Bush
Tyler Joswick
rick borgia
Tara Potts
Rachael Barbash
Troy Stith
david gentilini
Patrick Cantwell
Dawn Scranton
Dawn Scranton
Adam Kiger
Jordan McCann
Julie Macala
Rachel November Rowen
Eric Owens
mark bobulski
Glenn Tompkinds
Christopher Morgan
Rosanne Rosenberger
Derrick Hickman
Phil Borkow
Christopher Henderson
Ali Massinople
Molly Parker Smith

MaCarlDana Wrubleski
Kate Menke
Kimberly Mullett
Brenda Kirk Brenda Kirk
Adam Kiger
Lea Grayeen Maur
Brandon Reichard
Carolyn Slebodniknia Pothorski
Laine Bachman
Jeremiah Stilson
Steven Murphy
Eszter Catalano
Jason Benning
Aaron Thompson
Mitchell Lippencott
Nick Stull
Jeff Harber
Gabbi Saraney
Meagan Navarre
Donna Estep
Adrianne DeVille
Leah Kranstuber
Andrea Whalen
Amy Neiwirth
Daric Gill
Shaina Skeen
Michael Lauletta
Nikolaos Hulme
Christopher Burk
Kyle Franklin
Jeff Regensburger
Joe Karlovec
kimberly Promenschenkel
rob jones
Ezra Jones
Kent Grosswiler
adam crum
Stephanie RondBW Nibert
Benjamin Lamb
Steve Penland
John Mallett
kiko jen
Karla Ross
Lauren Carter
Kaycee Moore
Justin Gray
Elizabeth Klecker
moxy martinez
kate sweeney
Cori Crumrine
Matt Wolcott
Megan Delphia Alexander
chris tennant
Michael Plummer
Nicholas Dayringer
Bradley Brunstetter
Mary Barczak
Aina Turiaga
amber blue
David Ryan
rich karsmizki
Underdog Portraits
Cassie Shawver
Hillary Buskirk
Kellie Gedert
Erin Betsko


Open Studios:
Junctionview Studios has been a working home to over 60 artists in 44 spaces. Come see each individual creative space for one last time. Artists currently working at Junctionview Studios are: 

Zen Genius
Sipra Pimputkar
Kellie McDermott
eMA Self Defense
Brian Reaume
Meredith Carr
Christin Hutchinson
Kristan Early
Laurie Schmidt
Al Pece
Ramona Moon
Melanie Stanley
Time Tank Labs
Jen Wruebleski
Briden Schuren
Nicole Bernstein

Stefanie Parkinson
Amy Atwell
Jamie Sommer
Rhonda Tucker
Michael Ambron
Christine D'Epiro
Devon Palmer
David Charlowe
Tom Delach
Dorn Byg
Alissa Head
Catherine Bell Smith
Al Mazzarella
Mike Weisel
Sarah Jones
Becca Lynn
Claire Smith
Emily Herbeck
Leah Wong
Wendy Yeager
Mara Marcom
Laura Alexander
Adam Brouillette
Esther Hall
Megan Green
Stinkybomb Soap
Rob Green
Winnie Sidharta
Larry Doyle
Andrew Ina
Lisa Steward
Jay Moffett
Kat Moya

For the last time, some of Columbus' best performers will converge on the back parking lot of Junctionview Studios. Below is a list of performers that will take the stage at the main event:

  noon - Fields and Planes
With influences like Andrew Bird, Elliot Smith and Bright Eyes, it's hard to go wrong with some catchy Indie pop.  Complete with male/female vocals, humming along isn't required, but you'll probably want to.

  1pm - Ride to Ruin
Starting off Agora with Ride to Ruin is like starting the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Except with more guitar riffs and less annoying teachers.  The boys will be holding an air bass contest during their set, so come on out and give it shot.  You might just become Ride to Ruin's Official Air Bassist!

  2pm - Skashank Redemption
The Skashank Redemption is a 7-piece ska band located in Columbus, Ohio. They have began to carve a niche in the local music scene that has attracted ska kids, punkers, metal heads, frat guys, and hipsters alike. The idea is simple- they play music that's fun, addicting, and easy to dance to.

3pm - Maza Blaska
WOUB music has this to say about Maza Blaska:
"To use a food analogy, Maza Blaska sounds like a musical casserole. The individual elements vary, you may not be able to identify some ingredients, and the whole thing is cooked up together. The end result is appealingly straightforward, yet complex; unique, yet immediately familiar."

  4pm - Buckles and Boots
This husband and wife duo craft beautiful country and folk tunes around her songbird-like voice and his skills with just about any instrument that needs picked or plucked.

  5pm - Pharoahs
Pharoahs bring a unique blend of dance-worthy rhythms and noisy guitars and keyboards to the Agora stage.  Citing Dinosaur Jr. as an influence, J. Mascis would be proud.

  6pm - Flotation Walls
The Flotation Walls say this about themselves: "Flotation Walls is an experimental pop group. We are always evolving and interested in creating new musical hybrids or new styles altogether."  Their shows are one of a kind and this one you won't want to miss.

  7pm - EYE
Their bio reads "The edge of space."  After hearing the swirling guitars and inventive rhythms, you won't disagree.  Surely a force to be reckoned with in the Columbus music scene.

  8pm - Earwig
Donewaiting has this to say about Earwig "... a Columbus institution. Always on target, always a lot of fun..." and "...a hearty meat-and-potatoes midwest indie rock sound..."  The band has been a constant in Columbus since their debut in 1992.  Can't we all agree to rock out to some Earwig?

  9pm - Bicentennial Bear
From the Other Paper "...It goes without saying that Columbus lost a fine band when the members of Miranda Sound called it a day. Fortunately, the story didn't end there. 

Billy Peake and Sean Sefcik went on to form Bicentennial Bear...which is equal parts Guided by Voices arena rock and Pretty Mighty Mighty pop. Pleasantly, it also brings to mind the idea of Cheap Trick playing at Obama's inauguration."

  10pm - DJ Moxy
"Her name is a promise. Her music is a testimony to her name. This emerging electronic music producer, remixer, and spin artist is the very definition of nervy know how. Moxie is Moxy's life agenda."

Outdoor Vendors:
Each year at Agora, we take some of the offerings and fill up our parking lot. This year will be no different with stages, vendors, and food. . As always, drinks will be available. A full list of performances and activities will be posted soon.

  Mute and Gold

  Gabs and Reese

One of a kind handmade and re-purposed vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories.  
Made with love in Columbus, OH

  Modern Dye Factory


Darkstar Threadz

Beautiful Handmade Colorful Clothing, Accessories & Other Things!

Like Me on Facebook at

Or visit me at

  Draigle Trading Co.


Food Vendors:
Once again there will be something delicious at Agora.

  Short North Bagel

Short North Bagel Deli is a mobile food cart serving steamed deli sandwiches on bagels. It was started in the summer of 2011 by a local entrepreneur who did not have the start up funds necessary to open his own restaurant location in the Short North. Since the opening of the cart, Short North Bagel Deli has contracted with a local cafeteria management company and has opened an indoor location inside an office building. Short North Bagel Deli operates under one mantra, Living The Steam one day at a time. To learn more about them please visit their website at


Paddy Wagon is on patrol. You love burgers, they love burgers. This is the place to find them. Agora welcomes back a fan favorite. Come and get 'em.


Sweet Carrot

Two Caterers have brought their kitchen expertise to the food truck! One of their specialties is items house-smoked over a native Ohio wood fire, ranging from beef brisket to turkey. Sweet Carrot creates a wide range of delicious, fresh foods that will quickly become some of your favorites.



Tatoheads takes the simple potato and turns it into a delicious masterpiece. Ranging from fries with dips or loaded toppings, they even have freshly baked bread and sandwiches on the menu. No matter what form of potato or topping you get, it is bound to be delicious.

  Pattycake Bakery

Filled with a love of desserts, quality ingredients, and the community, Pattycake delivers some of the best baked goods around. Serving up classic recipes to allergy-friendly treats, you can’t go wrong with any of their delicious creations.



A coffee roaster right out of Clintonville, Thunderkiss roasts small batches of 5lbs or less to showcase the optimal flavors of each batch. Making appearances at restaurants all across Columbus, this coffee is something you have to experience.


Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

We all know the incredible, hand-made ice cream flavors that Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream has introduced to the city of Columbus, and now to stores across the country. Grab your favorite flavor or discover a new favorite with their ever-changing seasonal flavors.



Resident video artist Andrew Ina has once again collected a reel of cinematic wonders for your viewing pleasure. Come find these fine folks in the Agora Cinema:

Aidan 5
Corey Aumiller
Alex Chartonas
Dimitra Gnk
Tyler Joswick
Andrew Ina
Carleen MaurJames McGee-Moore
Matt Meindl
Mike Ohh
Brandon Reichard
Briden Schueren
Matt Swift
Nikki Swift

Fashion Show:
The Alternative Fashion Mob (AFM) will be holding a static fashion show. The group's mission is to break down the barriers between the public and the fashion industry. Contrary to what we are lead to believe, fashion is wholly accessible to the masses regardless of shape, size, economic status or age. Join
AFM from (TIME) to view the creations of local designers and to learn more about the Inaugural Alternative Fashion Week to be held from June 1-June 8, 2013. This week of fashion-oriented activities will include DIY workshops, interactive activities, art classes, a trunk show, and a finale show featuring the designs of ten local designers.

Laura Sanders, Sumukh Torgalkar and Justin Golak are funny people.  They are here today representing the best of 15 and Killin' It, a local comedy show that encourages the generation of new material.  Join them today at 5pm for a good time!