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Agora is an immersive event that brings artists and art patrons together to celebrate Central Ohio's diverse and talented creative community. Agora guests have the opportunity to view and purchase hundreds of works of art, wander through fifty working artists' studios, and watch performances by dancers, musicians, and theatre groups.

Agora is an all-inclusive exhibition. Every visual artist that signs up to participate is included in the show.

Sales are strongly encouraged. Artists are asked to donate 25% of the sale price of each work to the event to help fund future events. Local arts organizations and independent companies sponsor a number of cash prizes that are awarded to exhibiting artists and performers.

The first Agora was held in October 2006 by the Couchfire Collective and the members of Junctionview Studios. Originally intended as a way for friends and family to check out our new studio space, the event brought together over 70 artists, several with open studios, 14 musical acts, and 9 video and performance artists. Over 600 people attended the event and for the evening, Junctionview Studios became a common place for artists and art patrons alike.

After being blown away by the success of Agora I, the Couchfire Collective developed Agora into a semiannual event. Agora II was held in April 2007 and once again exceeded all expectations. 200 artists participated, over 50 studios at Junctionview were open to the public, and nearly 2000 guests came to share the experience.

Agora III, held in October 2007, brought a more focused planning and publicity effort. Two outdoor stages featured local musicians and performers. Increased press coverage helped boost artist participation and attendance. Over 2500 guests visited Junctionview during Agora III weekend.

Agora IV was held in April 2008 amid wet and windy weather. Attendance held true to the previous event. The same year, Couchfire Collective took on the logistics of the Independents' Day festival in September of 2008, and Agora V moved back a bit later in the year to October. Despite a compressed timeline, the show went on and increased in size again, this time hosting near 5000 people.

As Couchfire took a look at the coming year, it became appaent that Agora needed to turn into a once a year event. Agora VI became the biggest one yet. Drastic expansion in what the event offered, lengthening of hours, and a team of contributors brought in more people than ever, topping somewhere near 7000 people.

Agora VII took place in 2011. Weather made things difficult for us, however the additions of several new portions of the event, and the increased focus on studios and artists made the event a success. The same thousands of people came back and the show went on.

Agora VIII was a full Junctionview effort. Contributions from the entire community helped produce another great event and donations from our sponsors helped provide even more awards to deserving artists.

Last year's Agora IX was a throwback to years previous, outdoor crowds stuck around late into the evening, new partners were had and our attendance was the best in several years.

This year, we will celebrate the end of an era. Agora X will be the last of its kind. At the end of April, Junctionview Studios will close its doors for good, leaving a community legacy of collaboration and production in the creative community. We view it as more of a "shaking the tree for acorns" rather than an end. We hope you will join us.

Junctionview Studios is a multi-function warehouse in Columbus, Ohio. More than 50 artists and performers work, display, and perform here. Its mission is to create a stable, productive environment that encourages artists to pursue their passion and share their vision with the community at large.